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Fifty shades of Grey Trailer!



Haaaaaaay ♥ konting hintay pa.



Sinermonan ako ni Maricor. Hahahaha. Putek namiss ko yun ah. “Oh anong sinabi ko sayo dati? Sabi mo pa di yun ganito ganyan. Tapos ano ngayon? Ano ka ngayon?” Haha natatawa ako e. Kinain ko lahat ng sinabi ko hahaha. Humirit pa ako ng “Bakit, di ba pwede magbago?” Hahahaha binara lang ako ng “Oo…

Tyn, alam kong malaki ka na pero hindi ibig sabihin nun titigil nako sa pagpapaalala sayo, sinasabe ko naman sayo lagi na ikaw na yan eh, alam kong kaya mo naman na sarili mo pero mahal kita at di magbabago yun. Alam mo kung gano ko ka prangka sayo pagdating sa (actually) lahat ng bagay. Ayokong tinatago sayo mga iniisip ko lalo pag nakikita kitang nasasaktan. Kung pwede lang makapatay alam mo ding naka tatlo 3 nako hahaha. Kahit matanda na tayo, oh tumanda pa.. di magbabago na ako ang una mong taga sermon kahit minsan nakikita kong naiinis ka na haha at ganun ka din naman saken.

Ge, sabihin mo kay roi yung sinabe ko. Paki hi nadin ako! Hahahahahaha.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
I really like all the answers you made.. :)

Really? Thank you! :)

do you have a suitor now? or do you have a boyfriend? maybe i can apply. haha lol just kidding.

The one im talking to right now claims that he likes/loves me but we’re very close, we do crazy things together and we’re good friends and i like it that way. If you have time you can read some of my posts (#iblog) there, you can see my thoughts through written words regarding this kind of topic. (Im not promoting or anything) and hey, i’d like to meet you anon! :)

only a friend?

Yep, he’s my closest guy friend in my college barkada :)

yeah that's right always look on the bright side. all things happen for a reason. so what are you doing now? :)

In bed, talking to a friend on facebook :)

it's so nice to hear that you had a good day with your friends. :)

It wasn’t that good tho, after all that happened haha but i like to look at the bright side. We did have fun even tho we got lost and everything hhaa :)

woah. haha when you're with your friends you do things that is sometimes weird. do you take a bath? take care of yourself you might get sick.

Super dooper wierd and crazy things. We were lost but we were still laughing, its always nice to have them as my company whenever i need to go somewhere. We turn boring shit into fun haha. Yeah, when i got home, i went straight to the bathroom to take a bath :)

why? share :) well, it was good.

Well after class, me and my co-scholar had to go to the city hall to pass some of our requirements, 2 of our friends decided to come along. First, we were stuck in traffic for almost 30mins, we forgot my umbrella inside the bus, we rode the wrong jeep leading us to somewhere that we just dont know, in short we got lost so we had to take an alternate route, when we were close to our destination it started raining making us wet, after we passed the requirements which we are so late we decided to go to mcdo to rest and eat, when we were finally done it started pouring again so we got stranded there, we had no choice but to go while it was raining hard because it was kinda late. We left school at around 1:30 pm and got home at around 9 in the evening. That epic.


Whoever you are, i can feel that im missing you as much as you’re missing me :)

Dear ex boyfriend,

Oh come oooon haha. Jk.

Dear ex boyfriend,

You might wanna look up through my blog and see that some of my posts are still about you. Hey its been five years since we parted ways but for some reasons, you’re still the one i want to end up with. Yes, its still you. Everytime i get the chance to see you anywhere, (knowing the fact that your house is somewhat near mine) i dont know what to do. My body just automatically stop for a few seconds, my heart starts to beat faster and then i walk fast, fast as i could with my head down. I know that im stupid because i broke up with you. Yes i want you back, i had the chance but i know i would’nt have that again and i came to realize and accept it. It’s okay, it was my fault. I just hope that one day, I’ll meet someone that will replace your position in my heart. I love you, i will always do. :’)

hi. how was your day? :)

It was freakin epic, i swear. How was yours anon? :)

Dear nem, :P

Dear NEMaganda,

God knows how much i miss you, its been quite awhile since we last saw each other. We really need to catch up, i miss those endless chitchats whenever we’re together and those crazy antics we do. I just hope we’ll have that bonding again. i hope you’re doin fine. Just know that you can always talk to me whenever you’re in need of someone who will listen to you. i love you! See you real soon ♥

Please? This looks fun…

I will write about the following, leave one in my ask box.

Dear person I hate,
Dear person I like,
Dear ex boyfriend,
Dear ex girlfriend,
Dear ex bestfriend,
Dear bestfriend,
Dear *anyone*,
Dear Santa,
Dear mom,
Dear dad,
Dear future me,
Dear past me,
Dear person I’m jealous of,
Dear person I had a crush on,
Dear girlfriend,
Dear boyfriend,
Dear [insert URL here],


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