Unsaid feelings.

Hope i can have this, 3 days lang pagitan ng birthday naten k huhu :( birthday gift please ♥♥♥

12:25 am. Ayan, di na nga makatulog naghahanap pa ng kape (so much for bring a coffee lover) sapian sana ko ng katamaran ngyaon, baka sipagin nanaman ako lumabas, mahuli pako ni papa haha naalala ko nun sabi nya saken bat ba daw ang hilig ko sa kape eh hindi na nga daw ako makatulog. Ang hirap ng ganun. May pasok pako bukas tapos exam pa, wala pakong narereview masyado kasi ayaw magopen ng handouts ng sinend ng blockmate ko e for sure mga tulog na ngauon yun, sayang oras. Maghahanap nalng muna siguro ko ng book na babasahin :)

Still no progress, eyes wide open. Her body wants to rest but her eyes won’t let her. She has no idea why this is happening to her. Well, it’s been quite awhile since it started but its bugging her. Let her fall in deep sleep, please. It’s her only escape.

A warm bath or drink might help (~^_^~)

Actually, i took a bath awhile ago and i was thinking of a drink. Thank you anon! :)

Still can't sleep? Why? Is there anything that bothers you or do you have a problem?

I dont have any problem (at the moment, lol) its just that i have this sleeping disorder or maybe may body clock is freakin’ messed up. Sleep usually calls me at around 12am to 3am :)

Hindi nanaman makatulog.

Monday, July 21, 2014
Hi mai :) Its me chet. Pa plug naman sa tumblr mo. Hihi! Di ko na ksi mabuksan ung Babaengburdado ko na blog e. Thanks :)

Hi ate chet na bestfriend dati ni jed haha joke lang. Namiss kita kausap ate! Welcome back sa tumblr :)

Guys check nyo yung blog nya, super bait to si ate ♥

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Good morning. :) Who am I? I won't tell you for now maybe someday I will. Take care.

Sige, sabi mo yan ah? Goodmorning btw, ingat! :)

First thought that popped in my head when i read this.. “i’d like to meet you” :) I really do hope we can meet in person. It will be one of the happiest day of my life.

We can do that. we can be friends too but for now, can you tell me who you are :)

And all of a sudden, i got scared of what he said, i don’t want him to leave. I let myself off gaurd. I was keeping myself away but what i didn’t know is that i was actually pushing myself closer to him. The irony of everything know seems to fall in place. It’s just fascinating that someone makes me happy despite the sadness that envelopes my whole being. I want him all to myself, call me selfish but i just can’t see him with anyone else but me. Dear, I’m starting to fall for you and it’s something that i can’t control, something that i can’t stop.

If I met you in person, hindi ko sasayangin yung oras na kasama ka.

First thought that popped in my head when i read this.. “i’d like to meet you” :) bloggers are really the sweetest ♥

Ako: *magtatapon sa labas*
Papa: dun mo yan itapon sa malayo.
Papa: bakit umuulan ba?
Ako: opo.
Papa: bat di mo sinabe, yung bike ko andyan sa labas
Ako: wow, kala ko saken concern.

'If I met you in person…' Finish it in my ask.

Rak of Aegis
Directed by: Maribel Legarda  

Rak of aegis is the best theatre play that I’ve watched so far that was held by the school. It’s a musical play that used the OPM hits of the famous 90’s band, Aegis. Every one of them (the cast) fits the role perfectly, the way they gave out their hilarious spiels and how the scenes connected perfectly made the show very entertaining. The play tells about a community that every Filipino can relate to. From the past years, we have experienced typhoons which affected a lot of us, but despite the calamity, we Filipinos are known to be the ones who can smile and laugh even with big problems. We don’t just lay around and wait for a miracle to happen but we use every single bit of hope to fight and stand up. That’s what “Rak of aegis” showcased, It was about a community who is experiencing flood in their place for almost 3 months already, at first they didn’t know what to do because it was affecting the way of their living and the health of some of them but when Aileen (the lead character) pursued her dreams on becoming famous and uploading the video of her singing while showing their place and the flood, the video went viral on youtube and that’s where the plot twist comes in. Also, they featured a common Filipino family which shows that in every situation, family comes first. There was a situation there where Aileen was to pick whether she was going with her boyfriend or come back home to make sure that her family is safe while the typhoon is ongoing, of course she went back to her family. Aileen was my favourite character in the play, she was a role model of the a true Filipina, she was a fighter because even though she had a lot of problem; her father being mad at her, her mother was sick, she was fired by her boss and her boyfriend cheated on her, she showed everyone that problems are just challenges and that God won’t give them to her if she can’t handle it. The show being a “comedy play” that they made very modern captivated the heart of all ages, it was very funny but at the same time thought us a lot of valuable lessons which we can use in our everyday life. If I were given a chance to watch the theater play again, I’d grab it.

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