Unsaid feelings.

Sometimes, i love it when someone is being overprotective. It just shows that they care about you ♥

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kahit saglit lang, masaya ko kasi nakasama ko tong dalawang to. ♥

Monday, July 28, 2014

Yesterdays ootd ♥ pumayat nako diba tyntirintyntyn ? Wahahahahaha =))

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Next time ko nalang ipopost yung ibang shots :)

07272014 ♥

Had fun with these two, had not seen them for quite sometime now and being with them was just awesome. We ate, shared stories from the past weeks and took photos (of course). It was only ely who was supposed to go there (tyns house) but i insisted that i come too because i seriously miss them. Ely needed some help because he wanted to win her girl back so he asked tyn if he can go to their house and help him with making paper hearts which he will be using for the love letters. I just hope all his efforts will be worth it :)

Ako: papa, punta ko kila tyntyn ah.
Papa: bakit, anong meron dun?
Ako: (nagiisip ng idadahilan..)
Mama: wala lang
Ako: hahahahaha.
Saturday, July 26, 2014
Kinikilig ako sa atin seryoso ;")

Miss mo lang ako e haha ♥♥♥

they went outside and i wanted some candies so i called him. His phone rang but it was inside his bag beside me. I took it and opened it since i knew what the password was. I don’t know what got into me but i started looking through his inbox. There i saw a name of a girl, i opened the conversation without thinking twice. He was saying sorry to the girl (who he calls “babe”) because he was kinda late, i think they were going to see each other. I opened the details and saw that the message was sent, july 12 2014 and it was only july 24 that day, i was kinda thinking if we were fighting or what back then but i can’t remember anything, we were okay. After that, i returned his phone without saying a word even tho a very close friend of mine was just right beside me.

So i was thinking, why did he say that he loves me? Boys will always be boys.

Friday, July 25, 2014




Fifty shades of Grey Trailer!



Haaaaaaay ♥ konting hintay pa.



Sinermonan ako ni Maricor. Hahahaha. Putek namiss ko yun ah. “Oh anong sinabi ko sayo dati? Sabi mo pa di yun ganito ganyan. Tapos ano ngayon? Ano ka ngayon?” Haha natatawa ako e. Kinain ko lahat ng sinabi ko hahaha. Humirit pa ako ng “Bakit, di ba pwede magbago?” Hahahaha binara lang ako ng “Oo…

Tyn, alam kong malaki ka na pero hindi ibig sabihin nun titigil nako sa pagpapaalala sayo, sinasabe ko naman sayo lagi na ikaw na yan eh, alam kong kaya mo naman na sarili mo pero mahal kita at di magbabago yun. Alam mo kung gano ko ka prangka sayo pagdating sa (actually) lahat ng bagay. Ayokong tinatago sayo mga iniisip ko lalo pag nakikita kitang nasasaktan. Kung pwede lang makapatay alam mo ding naka tatlo 3 nako hahaha. Kahit matanda na tayo, oh tumanda pa.. di magbabago na ako ang una mong taga sermon kahit minsan nakikita kong naiinis ka na haha at ganun ka din naman saken.

Ge, sabihin mo kay roi yung sinabe ko. Paki hi nadin ako! Hahahahahaha.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
I really like all the answers you made.. :)

Really? Thank you! :)

do you have a suitor now? or do you have a boyfriend? maybe i can apply. haha lol just kidding.

The one im talking to right now claims that he likes/loves me but we’re very close, we do crazy things together and we’re good friends and i like it that way. If you have time you can read some of my posts (#iblog) there, you can see my thoughts through written words regarding this kind of topic. (Im not promoting or anything) and hey, i’d like to meet you anon! :)

only a friend?

Yep, he’s my closest guy friend in my college barkada :)

yeah that's right always look on the bright side. all things happen for a reason. so what are you doing now? :)

In bed, talking to a friend on facebook :)

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